Hnoðbyssa NP 18 LTX BL

170.159 kr.

Cordless rivet gun for extremely fast riveting, comparable to compressed air devices
100% compatible with all Metabo 18 Volt battery packs
Long service life thanks to brushless motor and robust precision gearbox
With holding nozzles for one-hand operation – inserted rivet holds in any position
Transparent collecting container for simple emptying of the remaining rivet mandrels
Quick change of nozzle for different rivet diameters, via integrated tool
Safety in the workplace thanks to robust knuckle guards
LED light for optimum illumination when riveting; can be switched off for reflective surfaces
Ergonomic design for comfortable working also in corners
Robust eyelet for energy-saving work with balancer / spring tension
Handy belt hook, can be fixed either on the right or left side
Battery packs with capacity display for checking the charge status
Ultra-M technology for highest performance, gentle efficient charging, optimum energy utilisation and long service life

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