Bútsög KGSV 72 XACT Sym.

132.524 kr

Unique, patented combination of panel saw with sliding function and precise skirting saw with symmetrically adjustable stop system
Time-saving and accurate sawing of mitres without calculating and measuring thanks to simple angle transfer from bevel to stop system
Compact traction function for wide workpieces up to 305 mm: no space required behind the saw
Maximum flexibility when sawing thanks to rotating table and inclinable saw head on both sides
Double line laser for precise display of the cutting line left and right of the saw blade
Speed control for extended range of application, e.g. for cutting of aluminium profiles and plastics
With saw blade „multi cut“ (flat/trapezoidal tooth) for high cutting quality and long service life e.g. in laminate and aluminium profiles
Compact light-weight with ergonomically designed carry handles, ideal for mobile use
Effective dust extraction via integrated dust scoop
Fast and precise setting of common angles using stop points
Bright LED work light for illumination of the cutting line (mains powered, no batteries required)
Sliding high rear fence profiles for safe sawing
Depth guide for easy creation of grooves
Easy saw blade change by means of spindle lock: No dismantling of the pendulum guard required

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